Reflective Bike Backpack 35L

Our reflective bike backpacks are the ultimate safety device for commuters and riders. With their high visibility reflective material, you can rest assured that you'll be seen in low light conditions.

For those early-morning journeys or late-night trips back home, the backpacks are ideal. Knowing that you are clearly visible to other drivers will allow you to concentrate on the road ahead.

In addition, the RiderBag Backpacks come with a survival keychain, a paracord, and a whistle. In an emergency, these traits might be the difference-maker.

Imagine you're out on a ride, and your bike breaks down, or you get a flat tire. You are by yourself, and there is no phone signal. The whistle can be used to call for assistance. Several things, including securing a temporary shelter and tying up your bike, can be done with the paracord.

The survival keychain is equipped with all the necessary emergency tools, including a cutter, compass, and firestarter. This reflective motorcycle backpack can be the only thing that saves you during an accident.

We recognize that you require a versatile and comfy backpack for you commute. For this reason, the interior of our backpacks is roomy and has numerous sections to help you arrange your items.

You'll have plenty of room in this high-visibility cycling backpack whether you're bringing a laptop, a change of clothing, or your lunch. Also, the backpacks are lightweight, so you won't feel burdened during your journey. Our bags hold up to 35 liters and even feature enough space to add a back protector for long commutes.

You won't show up at work soaked in sweat thanks to the superb comfort and ventilation provided by the breathable mesh back panel and shoulder straps.

At RiderBag USA, we're committed to providing high-quality backpacks that meet the needs of bike commuters and riders.

In fact, our backpacks are designed to last, with durable materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. We're confident that you'll love our backpacks, and we stand behind them with a one-year warranty and 30-day free returns.

Here are some examples of who can benefit the most from our reflective backpacks:

Bike Commuters

If you ride a bike to work every day, having a hi-vis reflective backpack is not only important, but necessary, because it can save your life. If your bike backpack is reflective, it will ensure that motorists can see you at all times regardless of the conditions.


A fluorescent backpack isn’t only important for visibility but it offers storage as well. You can keep your rain gear, flat tire repair, and first aid kit in a backpack for motorcycle riders.

Scooter Riders

Whether you’re delivering food or commuting to work, the same rules apply. You need a backpack with reflectors that ensures everyone can see you in fog, low light, and bright sun.

Skateboarders and Snowboarders

When you’re hitting turns and shredding the street, having a reflective bike backpack can ensure you’re safe and so are all of the items you brought with you. Plus, the breathable material on our backpacks will prevent you from getting overly sweaty.

Purchase a bag today for your safety!