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Reflective Backpacks for ALL Riders

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I've had this bag for a few months and it has surpassed my expectations. The reflectivity and color make me seen night and day far better than just lights alone. It's lightweight but not cheap feeling, decent padding but nothing that's gonna make you feel to hot or bulky. The only thing preventing the bag from being waterproof is the zippers but other than that I have yet to get anything wet on the inside.
I commute 75 miles a week by bicycle... this pack and my helmet are the 2 things I never leave the house without!

-Brett Cosgrove

I really love this backpack. I commute year-round on my motorcycle in the Seattle area so I wanted something that was waterproof, high-viz, and reflective. This bag checks all the boxes.

Some things I like about this bag are that it is: lightweight, waterproof, high-viz (more green than yellow, wish it matched my BILT Storm 2 jacket), reflective, chest buckle takes pressure off of shoulders, helmet pouch add-on worked good when I had to bring an extra lid one day, side pouches are deep enough to actually keep a water bottle in.

-Nate Lloyd

I thought it was pretty great seeing the online advertisements. But once I got it I was blown away. It is the most comprehensive, amenity-packed, beautifully engineered backpack piece I’ve ever seen for bike use. The included helmet sack with attachments that match on the back of the pack, as well as the waterproof over bag, is all you could ask for at the bargain price. The industry standard. And it nearly shines in the dark!

-Chris R.

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High Visibility Backpack

The brightest most visible color you can wear during daylight hours is fluorescent yellow-green. This is why we choose this color for our first RiderBag! Bike safety is #1.

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Reflective Backpack

The RiderBag™ Reflektor35 is a FULLY REFLECTIVE biking, motorcycle, or outdoor backpack that helps keep you safer by keeping you visible when riding at night.

Great bike commuter backpack!

WaterProof backpack, waterproof motorcycle backpack, waterproof bike backpack

WaterProof Backpack

Our bag was specially designed for bike commuters, motorcycle riders, electric scooter, and outdoor lovers.

This is why we made it water-resistant and we include a FREE Hi Vis waterproof backpack cover!

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